Faith Is Believing God Really Loves You

Faith Is Discovering God Truly Loves YOU

Quote: Romans 8:16: The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God.

            Mike F. was one of the neighbors I wanted to reach for Christ. He spent several years in prison. He abused women. He had been a street tough, a drug-user, a drunk. A big guy, six-four, two-hundred-fifty pounds, he was the kind of guy you want on your side in a fight, the kind of person you’re careful never to anger.

            We talked about Jesus for over a year. Mike’d listen, argue, admit it when I made a good point, laugh when he felt he’d cornered me. For a long time, he just couldn’t believe God could forgive him for all the sins he’d committed. “I’ve done bad things, Mark,” he told me one day.

            “Have you committed adultery?”


            “Have you persecuted Christians?”

            “Probably.” He laughed, then shrugged. “At least I think they were Christians. But maybe they were just nice on the outside.”

            I had to laugh. “Have you ever murdered anyone?”

            “Well, no, not exactly.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “I’ve beaten people up, but I never killed any of them. They came close, but not all the way.”

            I laughed again. I told him, “Mike, read the Bible. You’ll see people in there who perpetrated all kinds of evil. King David committed adultery with Bathsheba and then had her husband murdered to cover it up. Abraham almost led his wife Sarah into adultery by lying that she was his sister. He did that twice. And the Apostle Paul persecuted Christians all over the Middle East. He had them thrown in jail, and was even party to the murder of some of them. As people stoned one Christian named Stephen, Paul stood by keeping watch over their clothing. Do you think any of these sinners would say God couldn’t forgive them?”

            “I don’t know, Mark,” Mike said, his face dark and confused. “I just don’t know.”

            I kept trying, but Mike seemed convinced he was the worst of the worst.

            Then one day he visited me at church. “I did it,” he said with shy enthusiasm. “I accepted Jesus.”

            Astonished, I embraced him, amazed at what God can do with even the hardest of hearts. We became fast friends.

            But even though Mike accepted Jesus, for some reason he doubted God really loved and forgave him. He kept telling me, “You just don’t know all I’ve done.”

            “God knows,” I said.

            “That’s what troubles me.”

            I – and God – couldn’t seem to break through.

            Then one day, while playing with his one-year old son, Jason, in his apartment, something happened. As Mike watched the boy, he was suddenly filled with that warm fatherly affection and pride that all fathers experience. He whisked Jason up, kissed him and told him over and over how much he loved him.

            That was when it happened. Mike said to me, “It was like God spoke right there in my heart. I could hear the words – not out loud or anything. But just inside me. He said, ‘You know how you feel about Jason, Mike? That’s how I feel about you.’”

            Mike stared at me, his pocked cheek trembling. “I broke up right there,” he said, his voice tender. “I thought of all those years I spent being a hell-raiser. Hurting people. Prison. How I hated everyone. God, too. But that’s how he feels about me, like how I feel about my son. He really loves me, and I’m really forgiven. For all of it. Past, present, and future. I know that now. It’s amazing.”

            Mike laughed, and his wide, scarred face broke into a broad smile. “No one ever loved me like that,” he said. “And now it will never end.”

            I can’t forget the look on Mike’s face that day. I saw the joy there for the first time. His burden had disappeared. He and God were now friends, real friends, forever friends. And it was all because of one little word of assurance, spoken in a tender moment, when Mike could truly understand and receive it.


            Great Truth: God truly loves you personally, and he will assure you of it at moments when you most need it.

            When to Use It: If you’re unsure about God’s love for you, ask him to show you – from the Bible, and in your heart.

            Application: You are much loved; don’t take it for granted, but don’t forget it either.

            Prayer: God, I praise you for loving me the way you have. Let me always remember how great your love is! Amen.



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