Straight Talk to the Candidates From the Mid-Road

   As Sen. John McCain whips around the country in his Straight Talk Express, Sen. Obama offers us change and hope, and Sen. Clinton dodges gunfire, can I, as a guy out there in the American heartland, say something to each of you? 

   I’ve watched this topsy-turvy election from the beginning. It’s got to be the wildest and craziest I’ve ever seen. I’ve listened to many of the talk radio people and read columns from the New York Times to everyone else. I think all three of you sincerely want to be President. I’m not sure of your motives yet, but who can really know them? However, here are some observations for each of you. 

   Sen. Obama, I would have left Rev. Wright in the dust long ago because being a church member I know how the talk gets around and I just don’t believe you didn’t know about all this racist ranting.   However, I do admire your loyalty to him. What’s irking me is all this blather about a nutty uncle. Tell us some things he actually did besides marry you and baptize your kids that helped you, inspired you. Yeah, we know about the whole hope thing. But what did he do for you personally? Come to visit when someone was seriously ill? Offer counsel in a time of crisis? Stand by you no matter what in tough times? Be specific. I’m willing to believe you have good reasons for sticking with this reverend whom the press has portrayed as a total nut-job. I’m sure the nut-job material isn’t what grabbed you. So what’s the deal? Who is this guy really to you? You give me something I can understand and hang onto, I might consider voting for you. Right now, though, it looks like you’re either lazy about dealing with real problems, stupid, or buying into something you can’t tell us about – but which we suspect: that you really are all about race. 

   Sen. McCain, I do like your commitment to our military and the war against jihadism. I loved the way you handled the New York Times debacle accusing you of all those dastardly deeds with that lobbyist. Good for you. Stick it to them. On the other hand, I’d like to see some of the rock-hard issues you’re committed to, platform-wise. I realize you’re the Republican “Maverick.” That’s fine and in some ways appealing. But what about abortion? Family? Rising pregnancies outside of marriage? The liberal social engineering agenda? Get specific. Don’t just make promises about getting Osama bin Laden. At this time, I don’t much care about him. I’d like to see some real details about the things that matter. Take a note from Sen. Clinton about that one. 

   Finally, Sen. Clinton. You know, I want to like you. First woman president, all that? But look, if you want my trust and my vote, simply stop lying about so many things. In just the last month there’s your contention that you were always against NAFTA, the sniper fire in Tuzla, and the Irish peace process, all of them rankly exposed as lies. Man, does God have to write it in the sky for you? For me, this lack of character and integrity is a deal-killer. All you have to do is tell the truth. Even if it’s not very savory, most Americans are highly forgiving about such things. Of course, if you do have a lot to hide, which is the way it looks, then keep lying away. I don’t think Americans will elect another liar from any party. 

   That’s where I am, people, smack in the middle of the road with, at this point, nowhere to go.  Give me something real, though, that isn’t just a huge, trillion-dollar government fix, and I’ll think about voting for you.  



Mark Littleton is a full-time writer living in Kansas City, MO. If you wish to contact him personally for any reason, please write to Mark speaks on many issues in public forums, including politics, prayer, spirituality, marriage and family.   

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