Homosexuality and the Bible

             Much controversy rages today about so-called intolerant Christian attitudes about gays. Just today, I received several e-mails alerting me about the support of  “the gay agenda” by General Motors and McDonalds, and a call to boycott those companies. I am grieved by the way some in the Christian community treat gays. But I also don’t like being labeled “intolerant” just because I subscribe to biblical morality. 

            I have known a few gays over the years. Most were sincere, friendly, hospitable people. Like all of us, all they wanted from life was genuine happiness and love. But while we all desire such things, Jesus said the only way to it is “narrow.” Like that or not, it’s wise to take to heart what he says. His words have guided billions of people for millennia. 

            To go at this biblically, God has given all people genuine freedom to believe, speak, and act as they wish. We can curse God and his laws or believe in him intensely. Ultimately, gays can do as they please in this world, no matter how much others may disdain them. 

            However, no one can break God’s revealed laws without suffering the consequences, both here and in eternity. The Bible teaches that God will call us all to account for our lives in this world. He will judge us on the basis of those choices. Many don’t want to hear that. But God repeatedly warns us in the Bible that ignoring, rejecting, or hating those truths only win his censure and ultimate judgmentl. 

            Second, God alone has the right to judge people. Christians have no right to take his place and judge others, or hate them. Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Christians who revile and abhor others are sinning against God, no matter how justified they may think they are. 

            Third, while the Bible clearly says homosexuality is “sinful”(see passages like Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:18-32, and 1 Timothy 1:8-10), so are all other sexual sins, including fornication, adultery, and sodomy. The Bible also condemns coveting, lying, envy, gossip , slander, and arrogance, to name only a few. Some might think these things rather trivial. Apparently, God doesn’t. Nor does God single out homosexuals as any worse or better than anyone else. In the biblical view, we’re all lost sinners until we repent and trust Christ. We may love our sin, but God calls us to turn away from it, no matter how much satisfaction we might get from it. 

            Last, gays want Christians to say their lifestyle is as morally legitimate as any other. Unfortunately, no one really has the right to do that. Even if the whole world says something is right, what ultimately matters is what God says. In that sense, every person must decide how he will live. But he must also remember that God will one day call him or her to account for his life.  

            Many Christians sympathize that gays believe their only sexual joy in life is through their lifestyle. But every Christian has had to forsake that as well as fornication and other sexual sins because God says so. The great truth is that he gives us better things in return for such devotion. “Delight yourself in the Lord,” King David says, “and he will give you the desires of your heart”(Psalm 37:4). I have found that promise to be true many times over in my life and so have most Christians. 

            Ultimately, if it turns out we Christians are wrong about God and the Bible, then that is our misfortune. But if right, it will mean far more than mere misfortune for those who reject him. 

            In the meantime, the law we must all obey is to “love our neighbor as ourselves”. If most people followed that rule alone, our world would be a different place. Christians must obey that law in every relationship, no matter how much they may dislike the sexual preferences of others.

            It is also the one law that, when obeyed, might win those who oppose us to the faith we so genuinely love.   

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