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The Love Letter

July 26, 2013

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The Love Letter


Some years ago a story went around about a student in college in a religion class. The teacher, an atheist, said one day, “I have read the whole Bible through, and I didn’t find anything in it that made sense. I’m pretty smart, but I can say it’s written so poorly I didn’t understand any of it. Does anyone disagree with me, or have a different view?”


No one raised a hand until a young man in the back stood and said, “I also have read the Bible through to the end. I found it sound, helpful, uplifting, and transforming. The truth is that the Bible is a love letter from God to those who believe in him and love him. If you as an unbeliever didn’t get anything out of it, all I can say is that’s what you get for reading other people’s mail.”


The class erupted with laughter.


That’s funny, but think about that. The Bible is God’s loving mail to his followers and those who seek him. Personal letters of encouragement, guidance, and help. Have you ever seen it that way?


Imagine this. A friend comes to you with a letter. He says, “This is from my very wealthy, beautiful neighbor. She is in love with you and would like to talk. Would you give her a call?”


With such an intro, I know I would have some serious trouble resisting. So, you read the letter and it resonates with you. You remember her from somewhere and how you liked her. You enjoy her words, the way she writes and expresses things. Soon you meet, fall in love, and she becomes your best friend.


That’s what I mean by the Bible being God’s love letter to us who belong to him. As we believe and grow in his love, we learn more. The Bible speaks to us. It touches deep within and our hearts grow. We want to obey his commands. We rely on his promises. We dig down deep to see beyond the words on the surface. It becomes our most important source of instruction, inspiration, hope, and everything else.


Is that how you see your Bible? Is it working in your heart, transforming you? That is what should happen as you grow and learn more.


If not, if nothing happens as you read, if it’s all a big mystery, something you just don’t “get” or see the value of, then maybe you need to call on God to come into your life and lead you. You can’t understand it if he’s not in it with you. Like Jesus said in John 15:5, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” That goes for comprehension, too.


Like Solomon wrote in The Proverbs, “Thy word I have treasured in my heart that I might not sin against you”(Psalm 119:11).


From Mark’s forthcoming book, “The Secrets of God.” You can see all Mark’s books on under “Mark Littleton”.