God Had You In Mind

God Had You In Mind From the Beginning
Genesis 1:1: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

How would you like to have been there when God threw that first spangle of light out into the blackness of the universe? Pretty cool, huh? Like the best fireworks show ever.

Have you ever wondered why God took the trouble to create the world? After all, he knew what would happen in it – sin, hatred, murder, and even the death of Jesus.

Why do you think he still did it?

He wasn’t lonely. He had Jesus and the Spirit as best friends.

He wasn’t bored. God can never be bored.

He didn’t just want to do something different. Every moment is perfect to God.

So why did he do it?

For one reason: He looked down through time and he saw you. He loved you so much that he decided to create a whole universe, full of people like you that he could love forever.

Do you ever feel unloved? Then remember what God did: he created you to be his friend and worshiper. That makes you pretty important, don’t you think?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for creating me. Help me never to forget you love me. Amen.

NOTE: This is taken from my book, The Thru the Bible Devotional, published by Standard Publishing. Mark Littleton mlittleton@earthlink.net

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