God Has Something for Everyone

Something For Everyone!
Genesis 2:15: The LORD God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and care for it.

Sally sat in her adult small group listening intently. The teacher said that morning that God had a job for everyone. Everyone mattered to God. And he would use all who asked him about the work of his kingdom. It seemed incredible to Sally. What could she possibly do?

The teacher referred to Adam, how God created him to work and tend the Garden of Eden. Suddenly, the teacher said, “God has work for all of us to do, work that we will enjoy. Work that will make us feel important, and loved.”

Sally raised her hand. “What am I supposed to do?”

The teacher smiled. “There are many things, Sally. You can help around your church. You can encourage your family and relatives. You could be an assistant here in Sunday School to lead everyone in learning.”

Sally loved drawing. “Could I teach those who wish to draw?”

“You bet,” the teacher said, and went to the cabinet for supplies.

God has work for you to do. Not boring work. Not stupid work. But the work of his kingdom. Where do you think you could fit in this week? What is your talent?

Prayer: Father, show me my talents, so I can use them for you. Amen.

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