Satan’s Problem



He and his minions

are always around

always there

always wreaking havoc

and bombing lives

with lies and deceptions

and temptations and accusations

it never ends

but this is what I don’t understand Lord

Satan knows what’s coming

he knows what his end is

the Bible tells him


the great white throne

him banished

for all eternity

to the darkness

he’s known all this since

the books were written

and still he fights

still he lies

still he tempts

and destroys lives

and deceives

and he knows it will all

come back on him

all of it weighing him down

into deepest hell

where the pain is even worse

why doesn’t he repent

why doesn’t he turn himself in

why doesn’t he confess it all

and throw himself on God’s mercy

ask for forgiveness

like all of us

why not

I don’t get it

if Satan is Satan

and if the Bible is the Bible

he knows what to do

but he won’t do it

does he want to end up

in hell

or has he believed his own lies

and think they’ll never touch him

or does he think in the end

somehow he will defeat God

that must be it

that was what he thought]

the first time

when he knew everything

about God

and he was thrust down then

is he just stupid

if so all the more reason to offer

him and his minions a special


they’re handicapped

they’re mental midgets

they have under 70 IQs

I don’t get it

he has to be totally


worse that ADHD

worse than schizophrenia

worse than any of it

and maybe he is

so maybe he’s not worth

dealing with

from God’s point of view

maybe he’s just garbage

a person that God tried to bring back

to the fold

and wouldn’t come

even though he knew it all

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