The Awful Power of Anger

The Awful Power of Anger


Genesis 4:6: “Why are you so angry?” the LORD asked him. “Why do you look so dejected?”


Everyone gets angry sooner or later.


Your friend steals one of your favorite paintings. You’re ready to punch her lights out. She said she only meant to borrow it. But then you saw it being sold on eBay.


Your kids mess up the kitchen. You want to smack them upside the head.


Anger can strike in an instant. One second we’re laughing, and the next we’re ready to kill.


In this story about Cain in the Bible, we see a man who was angry. Why? Because God rejected the offering he brought (he gave God the shriveled, useless vegetables). God accepted his brother Abel’s offering, and that only made it worse.


Cain’s anger would lead him to kill his brother.


All through the world you’ll find angry people. Some commit horrendous acts like terrorists, murderers and abusers. Anger can be controlled, though, and overcome. How? With the help of God, a desire to obey him, and a commitment to his leadership. Ask God for his power, and God promises to give it.


Prayer: Father, teach me to control my anger. Let me never hurt others. Amen.

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