Trouble At Home

Trouble At Home


Today my wife told me

she thinks I hate her

astounded I asked why

she said I don’t support her

never support her in anything

rarely kiss her

more rarely say something nice

the list of things she has

to do is endless

the pile only groqwqws

and I do nothing

I say nothing

I just work at my computer

pounding the keys

like right now

dreaming of a better world

and me trying to make it better

for You

she says that’s why I think

you hate me

I love God more

aren’t I supposed to

but that doesn’t mean

I leave you out

no you say you hate me

the words catch in my throat

you have never been happy

with me of late

nothing like at the beginning

when it was all wondrous

but now

so much older

I don’t know how to

please you

how to make you

see that I am in agony too

and no longer know

what to do

I go to You God

You say nothing

I go to the Bible

I should love you as Christ loved

the church

I should put your needs

ahead of my own

but I am old

I am old I shall

wear the bottoms of my

trousers rolled

T.S. Eliot wrote that

a favorite poem


so true as we grow old

and now it describes me

a pair of claws scuttling

across the broken seas

please God show me

something to grasp onto

help my wife

see I love her

more than my own life

just that

is all I ask

and then it hit me today

was it from You

Valentine’s Day coming

I wrote a whole batch of poems

over a hundred

put it on Amazon

all of them

for her just her

Valentines for My Wife

she wept and said

it was the best present

I ever gave her

give me more like that Lord

for I want her to know

she is the love

of my life

deep down

in her very soul

and never question it


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