I Remember

I Remember


I remember O God

You healed me in sickness

so many times

You led me through tough times

so many times

You spoke to me and comforted

me in loss and the deaths of

loved ones

many many times

You were there always

even when it didn’t seem that way

You spoke

You opened doors

You led me to my wife

it was always You

all You

I will never forget

I will worship You forever

even when I distrusted You

even when I called on You

and You didn’t seem to answer

still You were there

let me not go to the grave

without calling on Your name

for You are good

You last forever

for that reason I know I will also

You will not leave my soul

in Sheol where we go

until You bring us to You

You will bring me

all of us to Your home

without hesitation

without a flinch

without thinking how unworthy

we all are

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