Sometimes God Hurts

Sometimes God Hurts

Genesis 6:6: So the LORD was sorry he had ever made them. It broke his heart.


Can people hurt God? Can God feel pain?


According to this verse of the Bible, he can. Here, the world had turned into a murderous, lying, cheating, stealing mess. People destroyed others for their own gain. Sin happened everywhere.


When God looked down and saw it, Genesis 6:6 says he “was grieved.” That means he mourned, he felt deep pain in his heart over the things people did. He couldn’t simply ignore it. He couldn’t go away for a rest and forget about it. He couldn’t start beating up on them as they sinned.


No, God hurt and he had to do something. In this case, he would send a flood that would destroy the world.


But what about you? What does God do when you sin? God probably won’t flood you out. But he will discipline you. He will convict you and tell you gently what you’re doing is wrong. He’ll try to get you to change and become a better person.


Are you disobeying God? Have you hurt others? Stop! Today! Refuse to live an evil, hateful life, and go to God, asking him to help you live rightly.


Prayer: Lord, keep me from sinning. I want to please you. Amen.

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