SIck Child

A Sick Child


we sit by her bed

in the chilly room

in the hospital ICU

my ten-year old darling

sick very sick

near the end perhaps

the child of my old age

please don’t let her die God

I couldn’t stand it

please don’t let this leave scars

I know what You have done

to me in past years

clinical depression

marital separation

a custody battle


broken ministries

it all hurts so deep down

I don’t want anyone in my family

to go through that

though I know they will

because that’s what you do

to make us grow


become more like You

yes but please

let none of that come

to my little one

please God make this

all go away please tell

me it will be all right

yes I have my Bible

I know the passages

the promises

trust Me

walk with Me

look to Me

I will be with you

through the fire

and the burgeoning rivers

but sometimes

all that can be so distant

and doesn’t really happen

or seem real

I need Your closeness

Your presence

Your hug and quiet kind words

I need You to slip down

right into this old heart of mine

and speak


hold me remind me

of the things I know

but need to know all over


above all please tell me

this will not end badly

please give me that

I’m at the end God

we all are

all we have is You

there is no other

no other place to go

where there are words

of eternal life

like Peter said to Jesus

I feel that Lord

I know it

so please assure me

it’s worth it to follow You

unto death

just one more time

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