God Provided

God Provided the Sacrifice


Genesis 22:8: “God will provide a lamb, my son,” Abraham answered. And they both went on together.


Imagine this situation. One day your old father comes into your room. “Come with me,” he says. “God has asked me to do something important.”


He takes you out to a high hill. There, he ignites a fire and soon flames shoot up from the wood. Then he asks for your hands. You stick them out. He ties them up, and then ties up your feet. “What are you doing?” you ask.


“God wants me to sacrifice you on the fire to prove I really love him,” your dad says.


You are terrified. Your dad helps you up. He’s about to throw you on the flames, when God stops him. “Here,” God says, “here’s a loaf of bread you can put into the fire. But now I know you really believe.”


Crazy – right? But it actually happened. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son to prove his faith. At the last minute, God provided a ram to use instead.


God has also provided the perfect sacrifice for everyone. No one ever need fear that God will ask this again. Jesus was the sacrifice, and when we believe in him we prove our faith. Have you proven yours by believing in Jesus? If not, do so today!


Prayer: Father, thank you that Jesus died for me. I do believe. Amen.

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