Tricking Dad


Genesis 27:9: Go out to the flocks and bring me two fine young goats. I’ll prepare your father’s favorite dish from them.


Dad stepped in the front door and yelled for Jesse. “Get down here,” he called.


Jesse hurried down the stairs and stood in front of his dad. “You lied to me,” he cried. “You paid your friend Bill to clean up the garage. But I asked you to do it. You lied to me.”


Jesse hung his head. “I didn’t want to do it. I’m sorry.”


“Trickery! Lying! It’s a bad way to live,” his dad said. “Now go apologize to Billy for using him.”


Jesse clomped off, feeling guilty and miserable.


Trickery! Lying! Some of us do it all the time. You even find such things in the Bible. In this story, Jacob and his mother tricked his father into giving him the blessing that his father intended to give to his brother, Esau. It cost Jacob dearly, for he soon had to run away to the north and live with relatives because Esau threatened to kill him.



Do you ever lie to your friends, your spouse, your boss(or anyone else)? Do you use trickery and deception to get what you want? Stop! Confess it to God and start being honest. It’s a trap of the devil which he will use to destroy you, if he can. 


Prayer: Lord, let me not use trickery and lying to get my way. Ever. Amen. 

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