The Wrestling Match


Genesis 32:24: A man came and wrestled with him until dawn.


Karin lay in bed thinking. From somewhere deep in her mind, she heard the words, “Go ahead, give the proposal to your friend, Stacey. No one will know, and you will help her.”

A second voice spoke: “You know that’s cheating, Karin. You know that displeases God.”


“But Stacey is having a hard time this week. Shouldn’t I help her?” the first voice said.


And the second: “You can help Stacey by spending some time showing her how to fix the original proposal. That’s a better way.”


And so it went. Sometimes we “wrestle” in our minds with God about things we want to do but which we know are wrong. Jacob experienced a similar wrestling in this story in the Bible. He was afraid of his brother, and he worried that he would die. God came to him and wrestled with him about the right thing to do. In the end, God changed Jacob’s name from “cheater” (which is what “Jacob” means) to “Israel,” which means “One who struggles with God.”


Do you ever see your Christian life as a struggle? Well, the truth is, it often is a struggle. Forces all around us fight for our loyalty and love. Who will you love most – God, the devil, or yourself? That’s the struggle!


Prayer: Jesus, let me make the right decision to follow you today. Amen.

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