The Plagues of Egypt

The Plagues on Egypt


Exodus 9:10: So they gathered soot from a furnace and went to see Pharaoh. Moses tossed the soot into the air, and terrible boils broke out on the people and animals throughout Egypt.


Imagine one morning that you awake and your bed is covered with frogs!


You run to the shower to wash yourself off, and blood comes out of the spickot.


A few days later, flies infest your home, so many you can hardly breathe without sucking a couple down your throat.


Days later, your animals all die. And one day, a darkness comes on the land that you can feel. You can’t see a thing, even your hand in front of you. It’s terrifying.


Finally, a few days later, your father, who is the first son of your grandparents, and your older brother are stricken with a horrid disease. That night, they both die.


Pretty miserable situation, wouldn’t you think? Yet, that’s exactly what God did to the Egyptians when they wouldn’t let the Jewish people go free. God sent ten plagues in all. The last one involved the death of every first born son and animal.


God did this to Egypt to show his power. He wanted the world to know that He ruled in heaven and earth and no one could resist him.


Do you see God as a great God of power? He is. He can do more than we’d ever ask or think. So why not ask today?


Prayer: Father, I praise you that you’re all powerful. I trust you to strengthen me. Amen.

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