Talking to Demons

Talking to Demons


1 Samuel 28:7: Saul then said to his advisers, “Find a woman who is a medium, so Ican go and ask her what to do.”


Mrs. Gibbs was one strange woman, Jesse thought. He didn’t know how to respond to her.


Mrs. Gibbs, Jesse’s neighbor, believed she had a spirit guide named Yunga. She talked about Yunga all the time, the things he had told her, the ideas he passed on about life, friendship, death and other things. She said that she was “channeling” Yunga now. That meant he could take control of her at times and speak through her.


Jesse didn’t know what to make of it. Was the lady nuts?


New Age ideas have filtered into our culture. Many people believe in such things as “spirit guides,” “channeling” and other practices. What these really are, though, are demonic influences. Yunga may say he’s from the planet Zorg, but he’s really a demon bent on getting a foothold in the lives of open people.


When King Saul consulted a medium in the Bible story for today, great danger lurked. God had mercy on Saul and sent Samuel from the dead to speak to him. But Saul’s act was rank disobedience. He ended up dying for his sin.


Talking to demons, whatever way you try it, is filled with danger. Run from people who do that as fast as you can. They will try to snare you, too.


Prayer: Lord, keep me from the power of demons. Amen.

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