Death of a Loved One

Loss of a Loved One


2 Samuel 1:26: How I weep for you, my brother Jonathan! Oh, how much I loved you,! And your love for me was deep, deeper than the love of women!



All of us will face it sooner or later.


A close friend is killed in an auto accident.


Or a beloved uncle or grandfather dies of a heart attack.


Or an innocent teacher is struck down when a holdup occurs at a store she’s visiting.


It can happen anywhere, anytime. God does not keep us from facing such losses. They happen to all of us.


When David learned of the death of his best friend, Jonathan, he grieved. The process of grief – when you work through your feelings over loss of a loved one – can be long and painful. Feelings of anger, depression, and other pain strike us. We may slip into deep despair if we’re not careful.


When you lose a loved one, talk about the situation with your parents, your friends, your church leaders. God does not tell us to act as if nothing has happened, or even to pretend we’re fine when we aren’t. He wants to go with us through the grief and show us the way beyond it. He will not simply zap us to eliminate all our bad feelings.


When you grieve, it’s okay to cry, okay to feel anger, even at God. Tell the truth about how you feel. That is the way through it.


Prayer: Lord, help me to look to you when grief strikes. I know you understand. Amen.

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