God Deserves the Best

God Deserves the Best


1 Kings 8:10: As the priests came out of the inner sanctuary, a cloud filled the Temple of the LORD.


Does God deserve the best from us? Our best praises? Our best service? Our best love?


            King Solomon thought so. He wanted to build God a place to live on earth. It would be the most magnificent temple ever built. He called for the most skilled workmen. He paid for the best gold, silver and wood. He commanded the whole nation of Israel to work on the temple with all their hearts.


It took years. But one day it was done. The greatest temple the world has ever seen was finished. In fact, Solomon’s Temple is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, along with the hanging Gardens of Babylon, the pyramids of Egypt and the Colossus of Rhodes. Solomon outdid himself.


Was God pleased? You bet. God came down and dwelt into the holy of holies deep inside the temple. There, a cloud filled the temple, shining and glorious. This was to be God’s home on earth.


Solomon’s Temple has long been destroyed. But God has other temples to live in. Do you know what they are? The hearts of his people. God makes our heart his home while on earth. Have you given your heart to God for him to dwell in?


Why not tell God right now that you want him to make a temple of your heart? That you’d like him to live inside you?


Prayer: Jesus, come live in my heart and make it your home. Amen.

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