In the Womb


Cramped in here

seven of us licking

each other inside the wall






and me, Aussie

oh, and George the HammerJammer

don’t know why he has that name

maybe it was all that wrestling

in the womb

anyway I’m part


white and black spots

on my feet

when I get out of here

I’m going to run




like a gazelle

by the way

is that what I am?

A gazelle?

I can’t leap that high,


or maybe I’ll get eaten by a lion

that might be kind of fun

being in that kind of

closed space

I don’t really know

no one tells us anything

down here

just gurgle gurgle

and this loud thing in back

going ba-bump ba-bump

what’s that?

I can nestle down here

forever just oozing

all around

sliding here and there

licking licking licking

and I’m oh so fine

Hey what was that

that big bump

oh oh oh

something big is happening

oh wow squeeze squeeze squeeze

this is awful

look at my face

it’s squished

I don’t like this

I want a refund

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