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Sin Leads to Disaster

May 31, 2014

Sin Leads to Disaster


2 Samuel 13:1: David’s son Absalom had a beautiful sister named Tamar. And Amnon, her half brother, fell desperately in love with her.


Have you ever wanted something that was forbidden?


Maybe it was love relationship with a relative.


Perhaps it was a stamp for a collection that a friend had, but wouldn’t sell to you.


People desire things like jewelry that might be too expensive, or clothing that is a little too flashy, or a car that would drain your bank account.


Forbidden things can take many forms. In David’s kingdom, he had a son Amnon who wanted to marry a half-sister, Tamar. Normally, marrying someone in your own family was forbidden. But Amnon figured out a way to get what he wanted by force. It was a horrible sin.


King David did nothing about it. But another son, Absalom, who was Tamar’s brother, conspired to kill Amnon. It seemed like disaster after disaster happened to David’s family during that time.


Why did such bad things happen? Because David himself had sinned with Bathsheba. God judged David and warned him that there would be consequences for his disobedience. David’s kingdom suffered many problems after that.


Sin always has consequences. When we sin, God responds by disciplining us with problems and trouble. Are you about to sin? Think! It could lead to disaster!


Prayer: Jesus, keep me from sin. I don’t want to go through what David did. Amen.