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THe Devil ALmost Wins It All

July 19, 2014

The Devil Almost Wins It All

2 Kings 11:1: When Athaliah, the mother of King Ahaziah of Judah, learned that her son was dead, she set out to destroy the rest of the royal family.

Has the devil ever come close to winning his war against God?

He thought so, several times. When Sarah, the wife of Abraham, couldn’t seem to have children, it looked like a lost cause. But God did a miracle, and Isaac was born.

Next, when King Saul pursued David and almost killed him, it appeared that the devil had nearly won. But God preserved David.

When Jesus was crucified, the devil thought he’d won for sure. But Jesus rose from the dead.

In today’s story, Athaliah, a wicked queen, snatched the throne of David away from the rightful son. She had all the household of Ahaziah her son murdered. She wanted all the power.

God did something, though. He saved one member of the family, Joash, just a baby at the time through a faithful princess. Athaliah reigned for six years while Joash was hidden by the priests. At the right time, they brought Joash out and crushed Athaliah once and for all.

Satan thought God’s kingdom hung by a thread – one little baby. But in God’s world, God was in control all along. The devil was once again driven out and God’s kingdom stood firm. You can trust God that he will bring you through, too.

Prayer: Father, I know you will save me to the end because you love me. Amen.