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Hanging with who?

June 27, 2014

Be Careful Whom You Hang With


1 Kings 11:3: He had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. And sure enough, they led his heart away from the LORD.


Hanging around with the wrong people can lead to disaster.


King Solomon is a perfect example. He liked having beautiful women around him. He enjoyed making them his wives. In those days, some kings of Israel practiced polygamy. Solomon went to such an extreme that he married 700 women during his reign.


God had warned the kings of Israel not to marry foreign women. He also warned them not to have multiple wives. Solomon disobeyed both laws.


Those wives from other countries worshiped idols. This was also forbidden. But apparently, Solomon didn’t care. He was the wisest man who ever lived, yet he acted stupidly in this matter.


Those wives liked worshiping idols. They told Solomon about it. They pestered him. They nagged. “Come, worship Baal.” Or, “It’s not hard. Try my goddess, Ashtoreth.”


Solomon was sucked in. He began to worship idols. God became very angry. He punished Solomon by taking half his kingdom from his son, Rehoboam.


Who you hang with matters. Bad people want to do bad things. They will drag you into sin, if you’re not careful. Choose your friends wisely. It’s a matter of life and death.


Prayer: Father, help me always to choose good friends to hang with. Amen.

Who is WITH you?

April 27, 2014


Who is WITH you?


Genesis 39:2: The LORD was with Joseph and blessed him greatly as he served in the home of his Egyptian master.


Joseph in the Book of Genesis made some big mistakes as a boy. Number one, his father loved him more than his other brothers, and Joseph let everyone know about it. He even wore a special coat, showing how important he was. Joseph also dreamed great dreams that made him look like a god and his brothers like slaves. That just made everyone angry. Eventually, Joseph’s brothers came up with a plot and sold Joseph into slavery.


As you read the rest of the story of Joseph, you’ll be amazed. Every time someone threw a curve to Joseph and got him into trouble, Joseph seemed to make the most of it. He ended up on top even though it seemed everyone was trying to put him down.


Why did this happen? The Bible reveals one basic reason: God was with him.


Do you sense that God is with you? How can you tell? Several ways. One, you’ll defeat temptation more than you’ll give in to it. Two, you’ll experience joy and peace in your heart. Three, you’ll see some success in life, and you’ll know it’s not just because of you. It’s because God opened the door and led you through.


If you’re a Christian, God is with you. He will lead, help and encourage you every step of the way. So trust him.


Prayer: Father, I praise you that you’re with me. Keep me thinking about it. Amen.