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An Amazing Offer

June 17, 2014

An Amazing Offer


1 Kings 3:5: That night the LORD appeared to Solomon during in a dream, and God said, “What do you want? Ask and I will give it to you.”


What if God appeared in your bedroom and said, “Ask whatever you want. I will do it for you. Anything.”


What would you ask for? A new video game? A special friend? Straight A’s in school? Money?


Unfortunately, God made such an offer only once in history. He came to King Solomon, the new king of Israel, and offered to give him anything. Solomon, perhaps in a stroke of genius, asked for just the right thing: wisdom to lead his people. God liked that request, and gave him wisdom. But he also threw in wealth, grandeur, power, fame and plenty of friends, too, just because Solomon had answered so wisely.


Would you ask for wisdom, if God gave you that choice? Through wisdom you can live a successful, happy life. Through wisdom, you can solve your problems with speed and skill. With wisdom in your heart, you might become an adviser to a president, or you might even become a president. Wisdom is the key to many things.


You know what? God offers you the same thing right now. He will give you wisdom, if you ask him, the same kind he gave Solomon.


Why not ask God to start giving you wisdom today? You’ll be surprised at what happens, if you do.


Prayer: Lord, give me wisdom that I might be great at what I do. Amen.