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The Reality of Hell

May 4, 2014

Real Life and the Reality of Hell


I recently received some very bad news. My wife, Jeanette, stepped into my office in tears. She told me about an e-mail she’d just received from a friend. This friend’s daughter had been taken out of college and put into a drug rehab program because of her problems with drug addiction. But the friend wrote that she had been “kicked out of the program, because she wouldn’t admit she had an addiction problem.”


I thought that was the end of it, but Jeanette said, “While her daughter was in counseling, though, she told the real story. As a freshman, she was raped in her dorm room by three massive football players. During the ordeal, they taunted her about her virginity, which apparently they knew about, as she had been a fervent witness for Jesus. These three beat her physically, raped her, sodomized her, and then left. She bled for four days, but told no one about it because of the shame, because of her belief that no one would support her. Later, these three football players were exposed. They had done this to several other women. Two of them were expelled. But the one who was too good a player to expel plays in the NFL today.


I sat there in tears as I listened. Jeanette said her friend told her that “her daughter’s faith in humanity has been deeply shaken.”


To date, this young woman won’t reveal who these men are, nor will she pick up a phone and seek counseling from her church or anyone else. The mother said she believes her daughter’s faith has been “rocked to its foundations,” maybe obliterated.


In a later e-mail, the mother wrote me, after I corresponded with her several times trying to offer some comfort, that she “wishes she could have her precious daughter back, where she had been before the rape.” But she believes now that she will never see that happy, charming, and loving person again.


In truth, this is the kind of situation that turns my stomach. How could God let something like that happen in this world? And to a Christian, to whom he has written over and over in the Bible that he will protect us, and deliver us from evil, and be present through any trial or trouble?



As I look over the news today, it is, as usual, a picture of the same old horrors:

            Suicide bombings.

            Insurrections in Libya and Syria where the government is murdering peaceful demonstrators daily.

            A serial killer on the loose.

            A drunk driver killing a small child.

            A drive by in which several people were killed, including two children.


I could go on and on. Yet, people see this and some don’t even think evil exists. “It just happens. There is no devil, no evil being or person out there getting these things to happen. It’s just part of the human condition,” I heard Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist, say on a show. No one knows why. It’s just a fact of life.

How do you offer anyone hope and comfort in the face of such events?




The Plagues of Egypt

May 4, 2014

The Plagues on Egypt


Exodus 9:10: So they gathered soot from a furnace and went to see Pharaoh. Moses tossed the soot into the air, and terrible boils broke out on the people and animals throughout Egypt.


Imagine one morning that you awake and your bed is covered with frogs!


You run to the shower to wash yourself off, and blood comes out of the spickot.


A few days later, flies infest your home, so many you can hardly breathe without sucking a couple down your throat.


Days later, your animals all die. And one day, a darkness comes on the land that you can feel. You can’t see a thing, even your hand in front of you. It’s terrifying.


Finally, a few days later, your father, who is the first son of your grandparents, and your older brother are stricken with a horrid disease. That night, they both die.


Pretty miserable situation, wouldn’t you think? Yet, that’s exactly what God did to the Egyptians when they wouldn’t let the Jewish people go free. God sent ten plagues in all. The last one involved the death of every first born son and animal.


God did this to Egypt to show his power. He wanted the world to know that He ruled in heaven and earth and no one could resist him.


Do you see God as a great God of power? He is. He can do more than we’d ever ask or think. So why not ask today?


Prayer: Father, I praise you that you’re all powerful. I trust you to strengthen me. Amen.