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April 25, 2014

The Dreamer


Genesis 37:5: One night Joseph had a dream, and promply reported the details to his brothers, causing them to hate him even more.


Kyle woke up in a sweat. “Wow, what a weird dream!” he muttered.


In his dream, he had stood in a stadium and told a Super Bowl crowd about his faith in Jesus. And everyone started laughing at him. It was horrible. He woke up feeling as if he would scream.


Dreams can be strange, comforting, weird, or wild. You just never know. In ancient times, though, God sometimes communicated to people by dreams. He did so with Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus. He also gave dreams to Daniel, the wise men and others. Joseph dreamed many strange but prophetic dreams. His dreams actually told what would happen in the future.


Few if any of our dreams will do that. Joseph’s mistake was to tell the dreams which made him look important and powerful to his family, making them look inferior and like slaves. It would all lead to bad things for Joseph. When pride strikes and we begin to think we’re really something important, we are on dangerous ground.


Do you ever think of yourself as better, or more important than others? Watch out. You might be in for a terrible surprise!


Prayer: Father, help me to think rightly of myself, and not be proud. Amen.