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He Did Right

July 1, 2014

He Did Right


1 Kings 15:11: Asa did what was pleasing in the LORD’s sight, as his ancestor David had done.


If you had someone write a line or two about you in the Bible, what would you like them to say?


“He sinned constantly.”


“She was a decent person, but she didn’t follow God.”


“He made some mistakes, but he always turned back to God.”


“She did right in the sight of God!”


When you read about the history of Israel, you will find this expression “he did right in the sight of God” frequently. The authors of 1 and 2 Kings, and 1 and 2 Chronicles, often referred to a king’s reign that way. Such kings weren’t necessarily powerful, like King Saul. Or famous, like King David. Or fabulously rich, like King Solomon. But they did one thing right: they did right in the sight of God.


How would you like that as the one sentence about you? It’s a good one, isn’t it? “He did right.” It means the person obeyed God’s commandments. He worshiped God. He took God seriously. And God blessed him mightily.


What can you do to “do right in the sight of God” today?


Prayer: Jesus, may I do right all my days. Amen.