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Bathed in God’s Glory

May 18, 2014

God In His Temple


Exodus 40:38: The cloud of the LORD rested on the Tabernacle during the day, and at night there was fire in the cloud so all the people of Israel could see it.


Moses often talked with God in the tent of meeting. He spoke face to face with God, the Bible says, though he did not see the physical face of God(he couldn’t). The Bible means they spoke directly, straightforwardly, without deception.


When Moses came out of a session talking to God, his face glowed. Why did that happen? Because it was like what happens to us when we are close to a fire. Our face and body get warm. In the firelight, our faces might appear to glow.


The glow Moses had stuck with him, though. So when he came out of the temple, everyone looked away from his face. It was bright, like the sun.


Why did this happen? Because spending time in the presence of God is like sitting by a hot fire. You come away joyful, filled with the Spirit. In some ways, you might even glow. God’s presence like that does many things. It warms us, making us feel secure and protected. It cleanses us, so that we become clean in his eyes. It comforts us in the coldness of the night, so that we know we’re not alone.


Those were all reasons that Moses became such a powerful leader of Israel. The presence and nearness of God made him feel strong and never alone. One day we will all bask in the presence of God, seeing him face to face. His love, comfort and care will keep us warm and happy through all eternity.


Prayer: Lord, let me draw near to you to live in your presence and warmth. Amen.

God’s Glory

May 8, 2014

God’s Glory


Exodus 24:17: The Israelites at the foot of the mountain saw an awesome sight. The awesome glory of the LORD on the mountaintop looked like a devouring fire.


What would it look like if God suddenly appeared on the street, or in your classroom, or at the front of the church? What do you think it would be?


A ball of fire?


A thick cloud or fog?


A giant face?


A bolt of lightning?


A planet?


God did appear to people long ago. Not himself, but his glory. What is his glory? It’s the aspect of God that makes him most impressive, most powerful, most beautiful in our eyes. In Israel’s day, his glory was like the verse above describes – a consuming fire on top of the mountain. That’s a fire that burns up everything in its path. It’s totally awesome and inspiring. No one can stand before it.


One day, the book of Revelation (Rev. 22:4) says we will see God’s face. No one has any idea what that will look like. But it will be an awesome moment, don’t you think?


Something to look forward to in heaven!


Prayer: Lord, I’d like to see you, but let others see you in my life. Amen.